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Delphi Events Calendar April

Delphi Events Calendar – What’s on in April

Spring is officially here at Delphi Lodge with lambs-a-leaping and a warm blanket of sunny daffodils covering our grounds. If you’re planning your trip to the West here’s the calendar of local events and festivals in Galway, Connemara and Southwest Mayo. From walking festivals, cultural events and markets to Easter Egg Hunts and hilarious plays, it’s the place to celebrate and enjoy this wonderful time of year.

Follow this link to take a look at our new Events Calendar April 2014.
Bookings can be made through our website or by telephoning the office on +353 (0) 954-2222.


Delphi Events Calendar March 2014

Delphi Events Calendar – What’s on in March

March not only starts off the official Delphi Lodge season, it’s also a time when the West springs into life again with a new and diverse calendar of events and festivals in Galway, Connemara and Southwest Mayo. Check out the walking festivals, regattas, pony shows and of course all the shenanigans planned for St. Patrick’s Day.

Follow this link to take a look at our new Events Calendar March 2014.
Bookings can be made through our website or by telephoning the office on +353 (0) 954-2222.


Approval granted for Civil Marriage Services at Delphi Lodge

Delphi Lodge is the perfect location for a romantic, intimate wedding and to further enhance our unique wedding venue, we are delighted to announce that Delphi Lodge has now been approved as a venue for the solemnisation of a Civil Marriage or Civil Partnership Service.

Please note that you must give 3 months’ notice to the Civil Registrar. Tel +353 (0)94-9023249.

For more information contact the office at info@delphilodge.ie or by telephoning on +353 (0) 954-2222.











Hello Again

Rock_Pool_FebWell I suppose you all think that we here in Delphi are like the bears that go into hibernation in the wintertime!! Ha, ha I wish. I’m afraid that is far from the truth and we all have been extremely busy here with stripping (fish that is), shooting, bookings and marketing and basically trying to spruce the place up for the coming season.

We had a successful shooting season with good numbers of birds seen especially after Christmas. Throughout the season we would have flushed an average of 61 woodcock per day. There were reports of plenty of birds in the Midlands and East which would normally not be the case. This may have been primarily due to the extremely mild weather conditions.

Speaking of which, in my last blog you may have gotten some idea of the kind of weather we have been having. In two words “wet and windy”. Probably more wet than windy as we escaped relatively unharmed unlike many local coastal communities which were devastated by huge tides and swell, with many low lying buildings being flooded and coast roads and car parks at some local beaches, either disappeared or very badly damaged.

Rainfall for December and January here at Delphi was 503.6mms (19.83 inches) and523.3mms (20.6 inches) respectively. Put into perspective this is the equivalent of 33% of a wet years rainfall in two months. For the first ten days in February we have had 168.1mms (6.62 inches).

To date salmo salar has alluded all those who have dared to venture forth on their first fishing expedition of the year. There is always a great sense of expectation when one gets the fly back in the water again, ever hopeful of that slow draw on the line and then!! We had a group of regular clients who enjoyed the Blast and Cast; the Blast being more successful than the Cast. There was however a fresh fish lost on opening day, which was indeed a great pity.

Since then we have had to make do with the two second thrill of the odd kelt on the line. It must be said that conditions have been extremely difficult with the lowest water levels so far being 55cms. As soon as the water comes into nice fishing order we normally get another belt of rain, which generally puts it up over 70 again. Today we have had snow and the water temperature this morning dropped to 4.2 degrees C, (not for the faint hearted).

Having said that credit must go to our two anglers who tried hard all last week and for those who have persevered so far this week. It’s at times like these that one really appreciates the beauty of the surroundings and a fish can be considered a bonus albeit a big one.

Hopefully within the next few days I’ll be able to report on the landing of our first fresh fish of the year. As one of our more experienced anglers says “You never know the minute”. D.McEvoy



Delphi Lodge Gift Voucher













Gift Voucher - For those who would like to make a very unique gift/present to someone special we are more than happy to design a bespoke Delphi Lodge Voucher.
For more information contact the office at info@delphilodge.ie or by telephoning on +353 (0) 954-2222.


February Fishing Specials

Kick start the 2014 Salmon Season with a stay in one of Delphi’s Boathouse Cottages

and fish the river exclusively for 2 to 4 Rods.

Full week 7 night stay PLUS 6 days’ fishing is €1,200*

Part weeks also available (min. 3 night stay)

*excludes metered energy

Bookings can be made through our website, via info@delphilodge.ie or by telephoning the office on +353 (0) 954-2222.















Delphi Spring Salmon 16lb9oz fish Feb 11




November Fishery News

Well at this stage we’re almost two months into the closed season and it’s hard to believe we’ll be open for fishing again in just over two months.

As you all know by now from our annual newsletter we finished with a respectable total of fish for the year, with some crackers included. Our weather has continued relatively dry with only 220.1mms or 8.6” for the month of October. November was a little wetter early on but now we have settled into a cold, dry and calm pattern i.e. lovely winter weather. It is also worth noting that the scenery has changed completely and we have leafless trees and brown and withered landscapes.

Our post season brood stock netting is well underway and we have 600 fish held already. There are no 20 pounders yet but there are some magnificent fish among them. The netting activity will continue for the next few weeks as often as possible. The stripping of the fish should start late the first week or early the second week of December with the busiest period normally being the 10 days leading up to Christmas.

Very few sea trout have spawned as yet, as we have not had a reasonable flood since about the 10th of November which is normally a little early. We did get a chance to do some rehab on some of the streams which will make spawning easier for trout.

If you have not received a copy of our annual newsletter you can do so through the office or just
click here to download.

And don’t you all worry if we catch that 20 pounder there will be a picture up on this site and keep dreaming of fish and Delphi in the meantime till the season re opens.


















Clare Island Lighthouse and Delphi Lodge

Like Delphi Lodge, Clare Island Lighthouse is a special place offering the highest standards and a wonderfully unique experience.

Now guests travelling to this beautiful region can enjoy the very best that Delphi Lodge and Clare Island Lighthouse have to offer through an exclusive package:

A four night stay – two in Delphi Lodge and two in the Clare Island Lighthouse, or vice versa, with dinner each evening and return fare on the ferry at €450 per night for two people sharing.

Clare Island Lighthouse opens from April to October, Wednesday through Saturday each week. Delphi Lodge opens every day from March till September inclusive.

For more information email Carole or Anne at info@delphilodge.ie
Bookings can be made through our website or by telephoning the office on +353 (0) 954-2222.




























Native Woodland Scheme

As part of our committment to protect this unique environment we have just completed planting 60,000 native hardwood trees in the Delphi Valley. Over the last 18 months we have been working on this project which will be of huge environmental benefit to the Delphi Valley as the years roll on.

These trees, Oak, Birch, Alder, Rowan and Willow, have not been planted with a view to harvesting them for wood but rather to provide a far wider diversity to this fragile environment. As the trees mature they will help provide a wider range of insect and bird life as well as stabilizing the banks of the rivers and lakes and visually returning a large portion of land to what it would have looked like many centuries ago.

The Delphi Valley is a special area of conservation (SAC) of very high importance. The Bundorragha River which is the outflow from Doolough and Finlough is the best remaining site for fresh water pearl mussels in Europe and as a result is under the control and protection of National Parks & Wildlife. These hardwoods will help maintain the all-important water quality of our lakes and rivers. And in years to come we may look forward to some beautiful natural nature trails around the valley.

Michael Wade - General Manager – Delphi Lodge


















Delphi Lodge – Approved Provider Good Food Ireland

Here at Delphi Lodge we are very proud to have been selected by Good Food Ireland™ to be an Approved Provider, giving us a further opportunity to showcase the highest standards and the very best quality local and national produce to our many overseas guests.
Ask our guests, the Delphi Dining Experience is a must for fine food, excellent wine and wonderful company. Our tradition is for guests to meet in the Drawing Room for pre-dinner drinks and canapés, as an “ice-breaker”, then it’s into the Dining Room for a sumptuous meal around our large antique oak dining table (a very impressive piece of furniture), with each evenings’ menu meticulously designed and prepared by our top-class chefs. After dinner, guests return to the Drawing Room for coffee and hand-made chocolates. It’s as close to a perfect evening as you might find anywhere.

We are so fortunate to have, right on our doorstep, the finest shellfish, fresh from the Atlantic, wild Salmon and other Sea-fresh fish, not to mention the Connemara hill lamb and slow reared Irish beef. With herbs, salads and vegetables fresh from our Kitchen Garden, home-made breads, cakes, biscuits and a range of jams, preserves, home cures etc, along with our colleagues at Good Food Ireland™ we can hold our heads high in the knowledge that Ireland provides a whole range of excellent quality foods, cooked by the very best chefs, which can more than compete with any destination in the world.

At Delphi Lodge, we are committed to keeping these high standards and to promoting and enhancing all that Good Food Ireland™ has come to represent.
Bookings can be made through our website or by telephoning the office on +353 (0) 954-2222.