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The Last Cast

P1070647The weather here in Delphi has been absolutely stunning since my last update, with no rain and relatively calm conditions. It has been far from ideal for salmon angling, with fish becoming increasingly hard to tempt. Those who persisted with salmon were duly rewarded and we’ve had four in the interim. Many of our guests preferred to concentrate on sea trout and there were some nice trout landed.

Chris Barry from Sydney who does a lot of trout fishing in New Zealand managed to land three of these four salmon. The first was on the 3rd of September on what we could call a New Zealand Collie Dog. The fish was taken from the Quarry pool and weighed in at 4lbs4ozs. He had two on the 4th, the first again from the Quarry, again on a New Zealand Collie Dog and weighing in at 5lbs and the second from the Deadmans on a Minkie Collie Dog weighing in at 5lbs2ozs.

Peter Eaton from London landed our fourth salmon. This came from the Turn pool just as he was finishing up his week. The fish was taken on a Nymph and weighed in at 3lbs4ozs.

Again with the weather sea trout fishing was difficult but any day we get enough wind we got fish. With relatively little fishing effort we landed thirty four sea trout for the week, the biggest of these a fish of approx. 3lbs landed by David Rainford on Doolough.

At the moment we are still experiencing some beautiful Autumnal weather which for the West of Ireland at this time of the year is truly incredible. Our fishing is quite busy now till the 22nd of September but we have availability after that and we will be offering excellent value for those of you who want to try the Last Cast for the 2014 season. Speaking purely from a fishery perspective I would hope that the weather will break before the end of the season and we will get some Atlantic Depressions rolling in.

Finally for those of you who used to love the old Land Rover because you could all hear me coming, well that is no longer the case because our new Land Rover has just arrived and the breaks don’t squeal yet!! D.McEvoy




















Angling Report August 2014

August is normally a difficult month for salmon angling and this year was no erxception, but we still managed to land 43 salmon for the month. Water levels were relatively low for the most part, with rainfall of 213mms (8.38inches) for the month. 111.7mms of this fell in the last week which was when water levels throughout the system finally rose.

Week 32 was the first full week of the month. Water levels at this stage were low but we managed to land ten salmon. Mario Renggli from Switzerland and Daire O’Neill from Dublin managed to land their first ever salmon. Highlight of the week was without doubt Urs’ 400th Delphi salmon which he landed in the Turn Pool on the Neighbours Cat nymph. Others to land fish this week were Gareth Beattie, Oliver Ross, Markus Merz and Alexander Mills.

Week 33 saw sixteen salmon landed. We had a nice fresh in the middle of the week which put water levels up somewhat. Rich Taylor managed to land his first ever salmon, a fine fish from the stream on Finlough of 9lbs14.5ozs. Biggest fish for the week was Urs’ of 11lbs9ozs from the stream on Fin. Urs finished his two week stay with seven fish. Others to land fish in week 33 were Malcolm Bell, Markus Merz, Mark Corps and Sean Dempsey.

Week 34 saw water levels drop off again and rainfall was only 22.1mms which made fishing difficult. We did however manage to land five salmon, with seven year old Tom Burke landing his first ever salmon. Paul Shalvey, Hugh Brennan and John Boland also managed to land fish.

The last week in August saw a dramatic change in the weather with Atlantic Depressions returning after a long absence. This actually meant that there were days when the lakes were unfishable. We landed eleven salmon for the week, with Stephen Kennedy (USA), Ben Beardsworth and Steve Whittaker (UK) all managing to land their first ever salmon. Salmon were also landed by Andrerw Cunningham, William McBurnet, Liam Dennehy, Tom Morrison, David Dunne and Enrico Fantasia with his first Delphi salmon of 11lbs3ozs.

Sea trout fishing was by and large excellent for the month with 289 caught in total. The majority of these were caught early and late, i.e. the sea trout fishing died a bit in the middle of the month and picked up again towards the end. It must also be said that by and large most of the fish were in the ¾ to 1lb bracket but in excellent condition. Hopefully this trend will continue next year.

There is plenty of fishing available over the next month and I would expect catches to improve as is often the case in September. D.McEvoy



















Atlantic Depressions Return

1The weather has changed dramatically since my last update. We had our first real West of Ireland Atlantic depression in months last Thursday. We had gales and 90.8mms (3.57 inches) of rain in a thirty six hour period. The river rose to 90 by Thursday evening and all lakes filled up.

Salmon fishing also picked up, but they were still not giving themselves up by any means. On Monday afternoon Liam Dennehy landed a fish of 4lbs from the Bridge pool on a conehead Cascade.

On Tuesday Ben Beardsworth landed his first ever salmon. The fish was taken off Finlough on a Collie Dog and weighed in at 6lbs2ozs. Wednesday we landed nothing but there were plenty seen and numerous handshakes. Tom Morrison managed to brave the elements on Thursday and landed a relatively fresh fish of 4lbs7ozs from 2the Grilse pool on a Yellow Dog.

On Friday Ben Beardsworth had his second of the week, this time from the Grilse pool on a Cascade and weighing in at 4lbs8ozs. David Dunne also managed to land his first salmon of the year. The fish was taken from the stream in Finlough on a Flame Thrower and weighed in at 3lbs11ozs.

Yesterday we landed two. Enrico Fantasia finally managed to land his first ever Delphi salmon. The fish was taken in Weedy Bay on Doolough on a size 10 Black Pennell and weighed in at 11lbs3ozs. Steve Whittaker also had a fish, his first ever salmon, taken on the Turn pool on a Sunrae Shadow and weighing in at 8lbs7ozs.

3Sea trout fishing was slow at the beginning of the week, with even the great Tom Morrison only managing a few. Yesterday, however it improved dramatically with one boat on Doolugh landing 30 and one on Glencullin landing 14. These fish were nearly all three quarters of a pound with the exception of one of approx. 2.8lbs on Glencullin. That brought total sea trout landed for the week to 62.

Hopefully the salmon will start to get a bit more aggressive now as they often do in September and we should start to land a few more. The Daddies are starting to appear so I would expect the sea trout fishing to continue to improve. There is availability this week so if you have the urge don’t hesitate to contact us. D.McEvoy









Back Again

DSCN1141First of all I must apologise for not updating the blog in a couple of weeks as I was off on holidays. In my absence the fishing continued and indeed was not bad at all with 26 fish landed in the interim.

The weather was relatively dry although we did have one good flood on the 14th that put the river to 70 but it ran off quickly and was below 10 again within four days.

Urs continued in his good vain of form after landing his 400th with a fish from Fin Stream on the 10th of 11lbs9ozs on a Collie Dog. He followed this up on the 12th with one of 6lbs15.5ozs from the harbour on Fin on a Francis.

It was then the Turn of Rich Taylor from Brighton to land his first ever salmon. It was a fine fish of 9lbs14.5ozs from the stream on DSCN1146Finlough, taken on a Cascade on the 13th.

There were two landed on the 14th with Malcolm Bell taking one from the Kings pool of 5lbs5ozs on a Cascade and Markus Merz landing one of 3lbs4ozs on an Ally from Morrisons.

The 15th belonged to Urs when he landed four, one from the Grilse pool of 3lbs on a Silver Stoat. The second was from the Quarry pool also on a Silver Stoat of approx. 4lbs. His third was off Fin of approx. 10lbs on a Willie Gunn and finally the fourth also off Fin on a Willie Gunn of 5lbs1oz.

If the 15th belonged to Urs the 16th belonged to Mark Corps who landed five all off the Turn and Quarry pools, three on beaded nymphs, one on a Cascade and one on a Tara. They weighed in at 4lbs3ozs, 6lbs, 4lbs11ozs, approx. 7 and approx. 5. Sean Dempsey also managed to land two fish both in the Bridge pool on nymphs, one of approx. 3lbs and one fresh fish of 5lbs.

Paul Shalvey had a fish on the 17th off the Turn pool of 4lbs11ozs on a beaded nymph. Tom Burke aged seven also managed to land his DSCN1144first ever also off the Turn pool on a beaded nymph of 6lbs15ozs. Paul Shalvey had another two, one off the Turn pool of 6lbs8ozs on a beaded nymph and one off Finlough of 7lbs1oz on a Collie Dog on the 19th. Hugh Brennan also had a fish off Finlough of 2lbs5ozs on a Delphi Collie.

On the 21st John Boland had one off the Turn pool on a beaded nymph of 3lbs5ozs. Yesterday the fish started to move and we landed three, with Andrew Cunningham having two, one of 8lbs8ozs off Boat Point on Fin on a Collie Dog and the other off the Turn pool of 4lbs12ozs on a Red Francis. Stephen Kennedy also had a fish of 7lbs4ozs off the Turn pool on a nymph.

This morning we got some heavy rain and as the river began to rise William McBarnet had a fresh fish of approx. 7lbs8ozs off the Turn pool on a Cascade. The river is now running at 60 and with broken weather forecast it should keep it at good levels for a few days to come. Although I would say it’s very hard to go by the forecast here for the last couple of months.

Sea trout have been a little quieter in my absence, although this was in part due to the fact that a lot of anglers were targeting salmon. There is no great hatch of Daddy’s yet and I’m sure the sea trout will turn on again then. In the past two weeks we landed approx. 60 again the majority small but in excellent condition.

I would be hopeful that if we get some normal Autumnal weather the fishing will pick up dramatically. D.McEvoy



Urs Bags His 400th

photo 2The highlight of the salmon fishing this week was definitely Urs Leibundgut’s 400th Delphi salmon. This is without doubt a truly incredible feat and just reward for the many hours of perseverance and hard fishing. I suppose it must be said that there is a certain amount skill involved also!! Needless to say there was a glass of celebratory champagne which had been on ice for a couple of months!

The fish weighed in at 6lbs1oz and was taken in the Turn Pool on his own Neighbours Cat Nymph. His fishing partner Markus did make the comment that at this stage the Neighbours Cat must be bald. All I can say on my own behalf is “Well Done Urs” and it is well deserved. It may be a while before anyone else reaches the 400 mark.

Overall our salmon angling this past week has been difficult. We got none of the rain that flooded many parts of the east coast which is highly unusual for us. As a result the river only rose above 0 for a few hours this morning. Other than that it varied between 0 and -5.

We did however manage to land eight fish for the week, seven from the river and one off Finlough.

Gareth Beattie was first off the mark with a fish from the Turn pool last Monday of 4lbs10ozs on a Yellow Gary. Shortly afterwards Mario Renggli from Switzerland managed to land his first ever salmon. DSCN1138Amazingly it was a sea liced fish from the Whin pool that weighed in at 2lbs10.5ozs and was taken on a Blue Charm.

On Tuesday Markus Merz had a fish of 7lbs from the Stream on Finlough on a Tummel shrimp. Wednesday Urs landed his 400th. On Thursday Gareth Beattie landed his second of the week, a relatively fresh fish of 5lbs3ozs from the Whin pool on a Blue Charm. On Friday Oliver Ross had a fish of 4lbs6ozs from the Turn pool on a Willie Gunn. Shortly after Gareth Beattie landed his third of the week, again from the Whin pool of 4lbs14 on a Cascade.

Finally yesterday Daire O’Neill had his first ever salmon. The fish weighed in at 4lbs4ozs and was taken in the Turn pool on a Beaded Bone fishing fly.

Again I say in hope that we may get some broken weather in the early days of this week, with a good deluge of rain which we badly need. If it comes I would expect the salmon fishing to pick up.

On a more positive note our sea trout fishing was excellent, with 130 landed for the week. The majority of these were taken on Doolough and Glencullin on traditional sea trout patterns. Again most of these were from three quarters to one pound but there were some bigger fish also up to 2.5lbs. It must be said that all were in excellent condition.

There is plenty of availability for sea trout fishing, so for anyone that is interested just contact us. D.McEvoy



Angling Report July 2014

It was an unusual month for angling at Delphi, with climatic conditions far from ideal for salmon angling. We had 156.3mms (6.15inches) of rain for the month, but the river only got to a decent level for a few days in the middle of the month. A lot of the time the weather was heavy and fish were playing more than hard to get. As a result total salmon landed for the month was forty.

The first few days of the month coincided with the second half of week 27. We had five fish in this period. The highlight of this was Patrick Hughes from Australia who landed his first ever salmon, a fine fish of 12lbs5ozs from the Turn pool on a Green nymph. Fish were also landed by Giovanni Mazzoleni, Reinhard Mittmann, Ash Mathews and Pat Cassidy.

Week 28 was a relatively dry week with only 24.1mms of rain and the river dropped off dramatically during the week. The pick of these was Sean Dempsey’s fish of approx. 14lbs taken on a Dempsey nymph from the Turn pool. Sean also landed three more, while Conor Hannon, and Nick Kreissl had one each.

Week 29 was the wettest week of the month, with 56.8mms and also the best for angling, with fifteen fish landed. Best of the week was Alan Boyd’s fish of 10lbs4ozs from the Turn pool on a Beaded nymph. Alan also had three more. Michael Righton had two from the Turn pool in half an hour, as did Patrick Carroll also from the Turn pool and Paul Smyth from the Quarry Run. Bill Williams, Ken McMillan, Pat Timpson, George Westropp and Mike Shortt also had a fish each.

Week 30 again saw the water run off with only 25.4mms. There were nine fish landed with Christopher Jarman accounting for four of these. John Mills had two, while his son Alexander had one, as did Anthony Walsh and Bob Hadden.

The remaining few days of the month were extremely difficult with water levels below 0 but there were still fresh fish seen and a few caught. The highlight of these was John Coulter’s first ever salmon, a sea liced 5lbs3ozs fish from the Whin pool on a Red Frances. William Beattie had two lovely fish on the afternoon of the 28th. His son Gareth had one on the 30th and Ross Sweeney finished the month off with a fish of 7lbs7ozs from Finlough.

On a more positive note we landed 103 sea trout for the month. Catches were slow enough to begin but they picked up towards the end of the month and have continued to do so in the first week or so of August with some excellent sport being had. Hopefully with some good rainfall I would also expect salmon catches to pick up. D.McEvoy


















Weather Still Playing it’s Part

DSCN1126Another week has passed here at Delphi with the climatic conditions making angling extremely difficult. For the most part the week was fine and dry with little or no wind. We only had 7.3mms of rain for the week, so the river is basically on it’s knees or even below that. The river is now running at about -3, despite all the rain that fell in Munster and especially Leinster in the past 24 hours.

Having said all that there were still fresh fish coming in and people were reporting fresh fish in the river and Finlough but they were playing harder than hard to get. Water temperatures are still above 15 degrees C. Bearing all this in mind we only managed to land seven salmon for the week.

The first was taken last Sunday by John Coulter who managed to land his first ever salmon, a sea liced fish of 5lbs3ozs from the Whin pool on a Red Frances.

William Beattie managed two the following day. The first was a sea liced fish from the Meadow pool of 3lbs14ozs taken on a Willie Gunn. The second was a cracking fish of 6lbs14ozs from the Quarry Run on a Gary Dog.

Gareth Beattie had a sea liced fish on the 30th from the Rock Pool of approx. 5.5lbs on a Cascade with the river at 5.

DSCN1136Ross Sweeney had a fish of 7lbs7ozs from Finlough on a Collie Dog on the 31st. Gareth Beattie managed to land his second of the week on the 1st from the Turn pool of 6lbs1oz on a Curry’s Red. Finally Alexander Mills had a lovely fish of approx. 6lbs from the Whin pool on a Silver Wilkinson.

Sea tout fishing was however quite good despite limited pressure with approx. 40 landed for the week to 2lbs. The majority were .75lbs to 1lb and all are in good condition. There is no doubt that it’s hard to beat a good session of sea trout fishing on Doolough or Glencullin. Any readers who have the urge to give the sea trout a go just call me here at Delphi.

Hopefully we’ll get some rain this week which should liven things up a bit. D.McEvoy





Balmy Weather

DSCN1124The most memorable element of the past week here at Delphi has been the weather. We had little or no wind most of the week and it was incredibly warm and humid with temperatures as high as 26 degrees C. We also got some good thundery downpours which totalled to 25.4mms. The only problem with the thunder lumps is they run off very quickly.

With this in mind I suppose I should tell you that the fishing was difficult to say the least, with only nine fish landed since my last update. Again there were fish coming in on every tide but there was little or no take on them at all.

First off the mark this past week was Christopher Jarman with a picture perfect sea liced grilse of 6lbs9ozs off the Quarry Run on a Willie Gunn. He followed this up half an hour later with an old fish of 7lbs15ozs off the Turn pool on a Nymph.

There were two on the 21st, with Bob Hadden landing a fish of approx. 3lbs8ozs in Morrisons on a Cascade mini tube. This was followed by the old maestro himself John Mills with a fish of 6lbs11ozs off Finlough on a Willie Gunn.

We had two again on the 22nd, with Alexander Mills landing one of 3lbs1oz from the Turn pool on a nondescript and Christopher Jarman with a fine fish of approx. 9lbs off Finlough on a Red Francis. Christopher had his fourth of the week on the 23rd off the Turn pool on a Nymph weighing in at 9lbs14ozs.

John Mills had his second of the week on the 25th on a Willie Gunn from Finlough weighing in at approx. 3lbs. Finally Anthony Walsh had one on the 26th off the Bridge pool on a Beaded Nymph weighing in at approx. 3lbs.

Sea trout were relatively slow this week with only 26 landed. The highlight of this was John and Alexander Mills who had fifteen in a session off Doolough. Conditions were far from ideal for sea trout fishing.

Water levels are now at 15 so hopefully we will get some rain during the week. Temperatures are supposed to drop a little which would indeed be a great help as it might liven things up a bit. D.McEvoy

photo 1




















Fish Showing

Fishing has improved here at Delphi in the past week, but more importantly the number of fish entering the system has improved dramatically, especially in the latter half of the week. Having said that fish were still playing hard to get, but we did manage to land fifteen for the week. It must be said that generally we had excellent water conditions on the river with water finally falling off to 30 on Saturday evening.

George Westropp was first off the mark, last Sunday with a nice fish from the Stream on Finlough of 5lbs5ozs on a Verminator.

Bill Williams managed to land a sea liced fish of approx. 5lbs in the Quarry pool on an Allie shrimp on Monday.

On Tuesday we landed four fish. Mike Shortt had one off the Turn pool of 3lbs6ozs on a Collie Dog. Pat Timpson had one off Quarry Flats on a Cascade of 4lbs3ozs. Michael Righton then had an amazing hour at the head of the Turn pool between 9 and 10pm in torrential rain when he lost five and landed two, both on a Collie Dog, the first of 3lbs11ozs and the second of 7lbs1oz.

Wednesday, Patrick Carroll had two off the Turn pool, both on a Collie Dog of 1lbs9ozs and approx.3lbs.

Thursday belonged to the dynamic Northern duo of Alan Boyd and Ken McMillan who landed four for the day. Before starting one of them happened to startle three ladies who were skinny dipping. On exiting the water one of them suggested that it might be his lucky day. As it turned out they were right. Alan Boyd managed to land three fish; one from Morrison’s of 5lbs2ozs on a Cascade and two from the Quarry of 3lbs1oz and approx. 3lbs on a Yellow Shrimp and Cascade respectively. Ken McMillan had a fish of approx. 6lbs from the Kings on a Willie Gunn.

Friday, Alan Boyd landed a big old springer of 10lbs4ozs from the Turn pool on a Beaded nymph.

Saturday Paul Smyth from Tullamore finally got off the mark with two fish in quick succession from Quarry Run. They weighed in at 4lbs and approx. 5lbs and were taken on a Yellow Allie.

On the sea trout front George and Helen Westropp had an entertaining afternoon on Glencullin with eight finnock to 1lb and a ewe. They noticed a ewe swimming across Glencullin and they did their good deed and towed her ashore.

In total we had 50 sea trout to 1lb8ozs for the week. Most of the fish were under a pound but all in excellent condition. Hopefully it bodes well for the sea trout this year and for any of you sea trout enthusiasts out there it may be worth giving it a go. D. McEvoy



















Fish Playing Hard To Get

After some nice water last Saturday, I was expecting some reasonable catches but I’m afraid it was rather slow with only six fish landed for the week. Water levels were above 15 till Thursday which although low is enough to bring fish. Most fisheries seem to have a similar story at the moment with a few exceptions.

There were grilse seen here during the week but they were less than co-operative. Conor Hannon had the first fish of the week on Monday, a sea liced 3lbs2ozs fish from the grilse pool on a Cascade. Sean Dempsey managed to land two on Tuesday. The first was 6lbs12ozs on a Beaded Nymph from the Turn pool and the second a 2lbs fish from the Bridge pool on a Delphi Collie. On Wednesday Nick Kreissl managed to land his first ever

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salmon on the fly from Salmon City on Finlough. The fish weighed in at 6lbs1oz and was taken on a Yellow Allie. That evening Sean Dempsey landed a sea liced fish of approx. 14lbs from the Turn pool on a Dempsey nymph. On Thursday, whilst fishing with Roger Kenny, Sean Dempsey again, with the expert help of Roger, managed to land a 9lbs fish from Salmon City on Finlough on Jungle Bunny Bibio.

On a positive note there appear to be some good sea trout arriving and there were some landed during the week, although nobody has specifically targeted them yet. That may change this week as we have some old time sea trout anglers fishing with us. So it will be interesting to see what sea trout catches are like this week.

We have had some light rain today and the river having fallen to 10 yesterday is now running at 25 and with more forecast for Monday I would be hopeful of more Grilse showing up in the system.