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Did I Say Costa del Delphi?

Delphi_0415_0374What a difference a week makes! To say our weather has changed in the last week is a slight understatement. Last week we had highs of 19 degrees C but since Sunday the weather has been turned on its head. Grass min was -7.2 degrees C on Sunday morning and since then it has got cold and windy with a covering of snow on the surrounding hills as can be seen in the attached photo. The cuckoo arrived last week and one of my work colleagues commented on seeing the cuckoo yesterday morning; that he must have thought he had woken up in Greenland.

The upside of the snow on the hills is that we have had some precipitation and the river is now running at 35, in contrast to Saturday when it had fallen to 12 which is a bit on the low side.

We did however manage to land two more fish during the fine weather. Heinz has his second fish of the week on Thursday evening from the Whin pool. The fish was approx. 8lbs and was taken on a Collie Dog. Urs then managed to get his week off to a great start when he landed a fine fish of 9lbs9ozs on Saturday evening from the Stream in Finlough. The fish was taken on a Curry’s Gold Shrimp.

So far this week there have been two fish off Finlough, both taken by Reinhard Mittmann. Both fish were taken on Delphi Collies. The first weighed in at 8lbs4ozs and the second at 7lbs3ozs.

There is now renewed hope and enthusiasm among our angling guests with the river up to 35 and more rain (or hail) due this evening and tonight. Just a couple of hours ago I saw eight springers at the pier in Bundorragha, so with the rising tide they should be in the river by this afternoon.

Here’s hoping for a good rest of the week! D.McEvoy


Costa del Delphi

Delphi_2115_161Well the sun has really come out in fine style here in the last few days, with beautiful clear, sunny dry days with little or no wind. Ideal fishing weather of course, ha, ha!!! It is definitely a wonderful opportunity to see this landscape at its most beautiful.

The fishing is challenging to say the least but we have managed to land five since my last update including two yesterday.

John Mills landed another fish for his week on the 13th. The fish was taken at the Fallen Tree on Fin weighed in at 8lbs5ozs and was taken on a Willie Gunn.

On the 15th there was great celebrations when Mary Donovan landed a beautiful sea liced fish from the stream on Fin. The fish weighed in at 9lbs5ozs and was taken on the Felix Dolan.

Delphi_2115_366John Mills then landed another fish from Finlough on the 16th of approx. 11lbs. Unusually this time the fish was taken on a Connemara Grey.

Yesterday we landed two fish. Greg Gudger from the US managed to land his first ever Atlantic salmon. The fish was taken in bright sunshine from the Whin pool on a Delphi Collie and weighed in at 6lbs6ozs. It was beautifully netted by his fishing partner Melissa Slaughter.

Heinz then had a fish at 5pm from the Rock pool, again in bright sunshine on a Collie Dog. The fish weighed in at 7lbs9ozs.

The river is now running at 17 and dropping, but hopefully we expect some change in weather patterns at the weekend. There are still fish moving up through the system and last week there were plenty but they were very difficult to stir. I would be very hopeful that if we see a change in weather the fish should start to be a lot more active than of late.





Six since the 7th

Delphi_1404_5182Believe it or not I’m actually disappointed with the catch for the last week, given the number of fish that I’m seeing in system. I have often used the expression playing hard to get but it seems that the fish are even gone beyond that stage in the last few days. Water levels are good with the river still running at 30 and the last few days have been overcast with a good breeze, but the fish won’t play. They often say that the rod exploitation rate on spring fish can be as high as 50%, well I can definitely tell you that this is certainly not the case at the moment. Weather patterns obviously have a huge influence on the behaviour of salmo salar. Even the great Peter O’Reilly is baffled and his opinion was much the same as mine, just keep the flies in the water and hope!

Martin and Barbara Ceillier were with us for a few days last week and on this occasion it was Barbara who managed to land a fish before her husband, even though Martin did have quite a few handshakes. Barbara landed a nice fresh fish on the 7th on Finlough of approx. 8lbs on a Sunray Shadow.

Alexander Mills kept the family tradition alive and well when he landed a lovely fish the same day on the Whin Pool of 10lbs3ozs on Delphi_1404_0155(unusually for a Mills) a Collie Dog fished on the dropper. This was taken in bright sunshine late in the morning after the pool had been well fished.

The following day the old maestro himself John Mills had his first of the season, a fish of approx. 9lbs from Finlough on a Willie Gunn.

The following day Jack Coulter at his first attempt salmon fishing and under the watchful eye of Peter Joyce managed to land a cracking fish of 8lbs5ozs in the Rock pool on a Park Shrimp.

John Mills had his second fish of the week on the 10th, again off Finlough of approx. 7lbs on a Willie Gunn. He then had another yesterday of 8lbs5ozs off Finlough on guess what, a Willie Gunn.

Delphi_1404_0152So far today we have no fish landed but there have been some close encounters in both the river and Finlough. Some day in the next while these fish are hopefully going to turn on and someone will have a field day. D.McEvoy













March Report and April Begins with Sunshine and Fish

IMG_7011Our total catch for the month was 13, which is actually the same as last year. It is slightly below the 10 year average, but in my opinion there were plenty of fish entering the system but unusually for springers they were proving hard to get. The river produced six fish and Finlough seven.

Water conditions throughout the month were generally good with a total of 259.7mms (10.22”) of rain. There was a period in the middle of the month where water levels dropped from the 15th to the 25th.

The first week in March saw an experienced group of German anglers land three fish. Marcel Dittrich had two for the week of 11lbs1oz and 8lbs15ozs, while Max Groener managed to land his second ever salmon on his last day with the river running at 70.

IMG_7012There were three the second week by John Shipley, Ronan Walsh and Michael McLaughlin, the pick of which was Ronan Walsh’s picture perfect fish off the Meadow of 9lbs.

An experienced Swedish group had four fish the following week, all off Fin. The pick of these was Hasse Dehlin’s of 9lbs9ozs. I must also mention Nils Anderssen, a Norwegian big fish specialist who finally managed to land his first Delphi salmon.

The fourth week was a bit slow with only two landed, but there were quite a few risen and lost. The two landed were both off Fin taken by Florian Schweitzer and Ralph Dietrich

The last few days in March saw Atlantic depressions return with a vengeance with plenty rain and strong gales with cold North Westerly’s. Keith Pilkington landed the last fish of the month on the 30th, from the Waterfall of 8.5lbs approx. on a Collie Variant. That brought our total for the month to thirteen and twenty five for the first two months of the season.

The first six days in April has seen some good angling here at Delphi with six fish landed. The sunshine has appeared again and the scenery is only stunning. Water levels have also held up nicely with the river now running at 40. There are also good numbers of fish running. Any time I check the river I see fish and they seem to be a little more active despite the beautiful weather.

Heribert had a sea liced fish of 6lbs on the 1st of April from the Deadmans on a Beltra Badger. This was followed up on the 3rd by Lennart who landed one of approx. 7lbs from the Meadow Pool on a Delphi Collie.

We then had two fish on the 5th both landed by Gareth Byrne the first of 7lbs6ozs from the Meadow Pool on a Red Francis tube. His second was also from the Meadow pool of approx. 8.5lbs and again on the Red Francis tube. There were two on the 6th with Mick Kelly landing the first of approx. 8lbs on a Collie Dog. Luke Drey landed a nice fish of approx. 7lbs shortly afterwards on a Cascade tube. This believe it or not was the first fish landed in the Rock pool this year which for those of you who know the system is amazing.

Top of the pools is the Meadow pool with ten landed followed by the Waterfall with five. This is actually ten more than the two combined last year. I expect water levels to hold nicely till the weekend at least, so I’ll be expecting and hoping for a few more fish in the next few days.




Fish Playing Hard to Get

Delphi_31032015Well, since my last update we have landed three fish, but there have been plenty fish seen and lost. Added to this I can still see fish entering the system on a regular basis, but I can’t really blame the anglers as we had an experienced group for the week. It just appears that the fish were not in the mood to play!

Two of the fish last week were off Finlough. The first was taken by Florian Sweitzer at Weedy Point on a new fly tied by Florian himself called a Samurai tube. The fish weighed in at 7lbs4ozs and was fresh but without sea lice.

The second was also off Finlough taken by Ralph Dietrich in Sligo Bay on a Delphi Collie. The fish was 6lbs10ozs again fresh but without sea lice. It was slightly smaller than one of the previous fish taken by Ralph off Finlough. In 1993 Ralph had the biggest fish of the season when he landed a fine fish on the 2nd of April at Boat point on a Hairy Mary. The fish weighed in at 14lbs110zs.

Our third fish was taken yesterday by a regular Delphi visitor, Keith Pilkington. Keith had a lovely sea liced fish of approx. 8.5lbs from the Waterfall on a Collie Variant. Keith even had to net the fish himself as his long time fishing partner, Peter Morrison (of Morrison pool fame) became ill last week and couldn’t be with us this year. Needless to say Keith was smiling from ear to ear and it wasn’t long before he Delphi_31032015_2was on to his old mate to convey the good news and gloat of course!!

That brings our total for the year so far to 25 which is 10 more than this time last year. I would be hoping for a few more this week as water conditions are perfect and hopefully the wind will ease somewhat in the next few days. D.McEvoy






Swedes Land Four From Finlough

delphi_20150319_2Well after quite a protracted spell of typically West of Ireland weather with heavy rain and severe gales our weather finally settled. This coincided with the arrival of a group of seriousbig river and big fish specialists from Sweden who normally fish the famous Norwegian salmon waters.

We had beautiful sunshine, light winds and no rain all week. After the previous few weeks, water levels held up nicely, falling slowly throughout the week with the gauge now reading 28. However, the fish in the river proved difficult to catch, even though I know there were fish running because any time I checked, I saw fish.

As is often the case once we get into March Finlough started to produce fish. Our Swedish party managed to land four. First off the mark, showing up the boys was Lisa Engberg with a nice fish of 8lbs. The fish was taken at Boat Point, on a Collie Dog and was in a day or two.

We then had a family double when Hasse Dehlin and his son Thomas landed one each. Hasse had a cracking fish of 9lbs9ozs from the bottom reeds. This was taken on a Tosh and again was only in a day or two. Thomas’ was slightly smaller at 7lbs1oz and was taken at the Fallen Tree on a Collie Dog. Again this fish didn’t have sea lice but was just in.

Finally Nils Anderssen who specialises in big fish in Norway had always found it difficult to transfer that expertise to delphi_20150319our smaller fish here managed to land a fish of approx. 7.5lbs on a Collie Dog. Well done Nils.

It looks like the settled weather will continue into the middle of next week, when we may get a belt of rain. At the moment there is still plenty of water for fish to run and only this morning I saw fish at the bottom. With a group of experienced anglers arriving tomorrow it will be interesting to see how they fare out. D. McEvoy










A Week of Extremes

delphi_salmon_meadow_10032015_1In my last update I did mention that the weather this week was supposed to be mixed! To say this was a slight understatement is rather appropriate as we had some truly beautiful days. They were the kind that landscape photographers dream of. We also had the complete opposite with driving rain and winds that you would have to brace yourself against to remain standing.

On these days fishing was almost impossible, as a result of high water, violent winds and the usual tons of sedge grass in the water. Monday was one of these, when I was tasked with trying to demonstrate to a film crew how to hook and land a spring salmon. Needless to say given the conditions I failed miserably even though I actually saw fish.

In the five days since Sunday it has actually made 76.6mms (3.02”) of rain. The river was actually at its lowest on delphi_salmon_meadow_10032015Tuesday afternoon and even this morning it is running at 60. Yesterday morning it was just below 100, which makes fishing difficult to say the least.

Tuesday was actually the nicest fishing day and we managed to land two and there were also a couple lost. John Shipley from England had the first, a small fish of 4lbs5ozs in the Meadow pool on a Cascade conehead.

A couple of hours later Ronan Walsh who had gone through an unlucky spell here last year losing a couple and it looked like it was going to continue in the same vein as he had lost a fish in the morning, managed to land a cracking fish of 9lbs from the Meadow pool on a White Winged Cascade. His fishing partner for the day Ciaran Boland blanked but he did gracefully land Ronan’s fish. Again it was one of those picture perfect spring salmon, short delphi_13032015and deep.

This morning, conditions were ideal, with the river at 58 and Michael McLaughlin from Armagh made the most of these conditions. He landed a lovely fish of 8lbs14ozs in the Meadow on a Willie Gunn.

Conditions played a big part in the week so far, making angling difficult. Having said that I believe there are still good numbers running the system as anytime I look for fish I can see them which is always a good sign. It looks like the weather is finally going to settle so conditions should be ideal for the next week or so and this will hopefully enable our anglers to land a few fish! D.McEvoy












Three for the Week

delphi_06032015Week 10 proved to be very interesting indeed both from a fishing and more especially a weather viewpoint. We had 80.9mms (3.19”) of rain for the week, which meant that the lowest the river fell to was 55 with highs of over 80. Monday and Tuesday we had a covering of snow and slush on the front lawn. Water temperatures dropped to 4 degrees C which made fishing challenging to say the least. I would say that anyone who passed the river and saw people fishing in hail, sleet and snow showers probably thought those people were completely mad. On Friday and Saturday Finlough was unfishable due to south westerly gales. The top half of the river was therefore extremely difficult to fish except for the most experienced anglers.

Having said that an experienced German party persevered all week and were duly rewarded, with three fish landed and a few more met and lost.

Marcel Dittrich had two fish in two days. The first was a picture perfect Delphi fish, in other words short and deep. The fish was taken in the Waterfall on a Willie Gunn Waddington and weighed in at 11lbs1oz.

The following day Marcel managed to land the first fish of the season off Finlough. It was taken at Boat Point on a Pot Belly conehead and weighed in at 8lbs15ozs.

delphi_07022015Yesterday in what can only be described as appalling conditions Max Groener managed to take a fish in the Meadow pool. It was Max’s second ever salmon and needless to say he was over the moon. The fish weighed in at 6lbs9ozs and was taken on a Tosh conehead.

It looks like the weather this week will again be mixed but hopefully the system may get some chance to settle between the rain and the gales! There is the odd slot here and there so anyone interested, please contact us as I can’t remember everyone. D.McEvoy








Best February Since 2001

Delphi_River_Feb2015February 2015 was an excellent month for salmon fishing here at Delphi, with a total of twelve fish landed for the month. This makes it the most successful February since 2001.

You could say it started with a blast, excuse the pun, as we had a group of Germans from Bavaria who came over for the blast and cast. The blast was good, but the cast was beyond our wildest dreams with four fish landed on opening day. The highlight of these was Andreas Durr’s first ever salmon of 6lbs11ozs landed in the King’s pool on a Willie Gunn. It was rather appropriate as Andreas’ son Florian had just bagged his first woodcock with the last shot of the 2014/15 season, the previous day.

Local angler Sean Moogan from Westport managed to land a nice fish the following day of approx. 6.5lbs also on a Willie Gunn in Cooleens.

Water levels dropped off quite a bit then as we experienced quite a bit of dry settled weather. It wasn’t until Valentines’ day when Delphi’s own Mick Wade bagged a beautiful fish of 10lbs14ozs from the Whin pool on a Delphi Collie that we landed our sixth of the season.

Week 8 was one of near misses with quite a few anglers encountering fish but none managed to stay on until Steve Jones did exceptionally well to hook and land a fish in the Schoolhouse with the gauge at 63. The fish weighed in at 6lbs15ozs and was taken on a Delphi Collie.

An experienced party headed by Angus Sutherland fished hard all weekend with David Felton finally bagging a fish in the last few casts. The fish was taken on a Collie Dog from the Waterfall and weighed in at 7lbs4ozs.

There then followed an exceptional three days which was experienced by three Northern anglers headed by Philip McGarrity. They landed four fish and lost two. Robert Arthurs landed his first ever, a fish of 9lbs9ozs in the King’s on a Delphi Collie. Philip McGarrity landed three for three days, one from Cooleens of 7lbs7.5ozs and two from the Waterfall of 8lbs10ozs and approx. 8.5lbs, all on a Delphi Collie. We must spare a thought for the third member of the party George Yendell who sadly lost two fish.

The last two days of February saw quite a lot of rain with the river rising to 90 on Saturday afternoon in conjunction with southerly gales. Then the temperatures plummeted, both air and water and we even had some snow at ground level which makes spring fishing even more challenging. The river was at 70 on Sunday, 65 yesterday and is down to 58 today. This should bode well for the days to come as the temperatures, hopefully are supposed to rise.

All in all it was a great start to the 2015 season and personally February is one of my favourite months to fish as it’s great to get a fly in the water again. The contrast in weather conditions can also be fascinating and the peace and quiet is great. There is also the added bonus that the Bundorragha is almost always fishable due to the clarity of our water which is due to the three lakes on the system and the fact that most of the water comes off rock rather than bog. It is only in very high water or exceptional winds due to sedge grass in the water that it becomes unfishable but this normally only lasts for a few hours.

After a great February, here’s hoping the rest of the season continues in the same vein. D.McEvoy


Three in A Row

delphilodge_250215Well the fish keep coming as we landed another one at Delphi today. This time it was the turn of Philip McGarrity. Philip landed a sea liced fish in Cooleens on a Delphi Collie, weighing in at 7lbs7.5ozs. Needless to say Philip was thrilled.

You may notice from the picture that it looks like it has an adipose fin, but it’s actually only a partial one. It’s what I would call a Monday morning clip. In fairness when you’re clipping 5 or 6000 a day in water temperature sometimes as low as 3.5 degrees C the odd partial clip is inevitable. So it’s actually a fish that would have been clipped and tagged in January 2013, released in late April 2013, migrated more than likely to the west coast of Greenland to feed and made the long journey back before re-entering the system yesterday or today and was then caught by Philip.

Hopefully tomorrow it will be the turn of George Yendell , who having lost one yesterday, actually lost another today. With a bit of luck it will be third time lucky for George!! D.McEvoy