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Three in A Row

delphilodge_250215Well the fish keep coming as we landed another one at Delphi today. This time it was the turn of Philip McGarrity. Philip landed a sea liced fish in Cooleens on a Delphi Collie, weighing in at 7lbs7.5ozs. Needless to say Philip was thrilled.

You may notice from the picture that it looks like it has an adipose fin, but it’s actually only a partial one. It’s what I would call a Monday morning clip. In fairness when you’re clipping 5 or 6000 a day in water temperature sometimes as low as 3.5 degrees C the odd partial clip is inevitable. So it’s actually a fish that would have been clipped and tagged in January 2013, released in late April 2013, migrated more than likely to the west coast of Greenland to feed and made the long journey back before re-entering the system yesterday or today and was then caught by Philip.

Hopefully tomorrow it will be the turn of George Yendell , who having lost one yesterday, actually lost another today. With a bit of luck it will be third time lucky for George!! D.McEvoy



Arthurs Bags His First Ever

delphi240215I did say yesterday that expecting a fish a day this time of year is indeed a tall order, but we managed to achieve that feat today. The weather was a little kinder than yesterday and water levels were about the same at 63 and falling slowly.

Robert Arthurs who travelled from the North with Philip McGarrity and George Yendell managed to land his first ever salmon. He was only fishing about 20 mins when he hooked a fish in the Kings pool on a Delphi Collie. The fish was duly brought to net and landed by Philip. I believe George had to lie down for a few minutes after to compose himself and needless to say he was in that kind of a place that you often see with people who have just landed their first ever salmon. Well done Robert. The fish weighed in at 9lbs9ozs and was only in the system a few hours.

I must also mention George Yendell who had the misfortune of losing a good double figure fish in the Holly pool in the afternoon. Hopefully he can put this right tomorrow and keep this fish a day going! You’d never know. DMcEvoy


Persistence and Skill Pays Off

DSCN1223_2In my last update on Saturday I did mention that we had a group of battle hardened spring salmon anglers who I was expecting great things from and I’m glad to say they didn’t disappoint. There is no point in saying that it was easy, because salmon fishing this time of year isn’t supposed to be and while it would be lovely to have a fish a day in February it is indeed rare in the extreme.

David Felton had managed to hook a fish on Saturday but it was a dreaded head shaker, to which there is generally only one outcome, i.e. getting off. Angus, Niall and Enrico tried hard but had no luck. Water levels rose again on Saturday night so fishing yesterday was difficult, with levels up to 75-80 and the usual sedge grass thrown in for good measure, which makes fishing difficult.

Last night we had very strong winds and it became bitterly cold with hail showers. Water levels were down to 63 which is better. The extreme weather however did not deter David Felton and Angus who braved the elements again this morning. David was duly rewarded for his persistence and skill of course, when he landed a lovely sea liced 7lbs4ozs fish in the Waterfall on a Collie Dog.

I’m afraid the only fishing we have left this week is on the lakes where there has to be a number of fish at this stage. The only downside would of course be temperatures, but if there is any one brave enough to venture out just give us a call.

If this happened to be on Friday you would of course have the added bonus of being able to stay in the Lodge as we are reopening then for the season. D.McEvoy



Excellent February to Date

DSCN1218First of all I must apologise that my updates have been less frequent than usual. The reason for this is I have been moving office up to the Old Rod room (for those of you who remember where that was), and both the computer and myself have been in limbo land. Thankfully I just got everything set up yesterday and for those of you who use the cottages you’ll be all glad to hear that this improvement in technology also means that there is now wi fi in the cottages.

My old office has been turned back into a twin room and is to be renamed “The Heneghan Suite” in honour of the Heneghan family and especially one of the former great characters of Delphi, Paddy.

Well the fishing in February has been excellent and we have now caught seven to date. From my own observations, not alone have we caught seven but anytime I have checked the river, more often than not I have seen fresh fish. We had a period where the DSCN1205water got low but even then I saw fish. During this low water we had some of the most beautiful weather when even an amateur like me can take beautiful photos. It’s days like these that make spring fishing special.

Friday week last I also saw the otter in daytime hours and followed him up the Turn pool for 100 metres and also managed to get a few photos. Although I must say that on this occasion the otter was less successful than Delphi’s own Mick Wade who managed to land a cracking fish on Valentine’s Day.

Last week we had three to four anglers all week and the majority all met or lost fish on the river. Water levels were excellent DSCN1209throughout the week varying from 50 to 65.

Our first fish of the week was however only landed on Friday by Steve Jones who did exceptionally well to hook and land a fish in the Schoolhouse with the river at 62. He was on the far side as this pool fishes much better on the opposite bank in high water. It was his last cast there and he reckoned the fish’s tail must have been rubbing against the weir at the outflow. The fish was sea liced, was taken on a Delphi Collie and weighed in at 6lbs15ozs.

I’m expecting great things this weekend as we have four hardened salmon anglers spearheaded by Angus Sutherland. “No pressure lads.”

That brings our total for February to date to seven fish, which if it stays like that will be the most productive since 2007 when we had nine. I would be very hopeful that we will get a few more before the month is out. D.McEvoy


Valentines’ Day’ Fish

The first signs of Spring are everywhere here at Delphi today and no better way to celebrate this than by landing a beautiful fish from the Bundorragha River.

Michael Wade did just that at 13:45pm today. Caught on a Delphi Collie from the Whin Pool and weighing in at 10lb14oz. A great fish on a wonderful Spring day!















Only One Today

Well, we’re still trying to contemplate the enormity of landing four fish on the 1st of February. If it was the 1st of April you would have to assume it was an April fool joke, but it wasn’t. It was a truly memorable day and one that will be very difficult to repeat on opening day.

We had to come back down to earth today and get on with the normal routine, which at the moment is tagging smolts and picking eggs. Having said that we had four anglers today and there is a great buzz and sense of excitement about the place after such a tremendous start.

The excellent fishing continued today as we had one fish landed. Sean Moogan from Westport who by his own admission is more a lake man than a river man and in all the years he has been fishing Delphi had never landed a fish on the river. Sean was over the moon when he hooked and landed a fish of approx. 6.5lbs in Cooleens. The fish was taken on Willie Gunn Waddington.

River height is now 35 which is actually ideal when the water temperatures are as low as they are, 5 degrees C. With some rain tonight it may rise a bit so conditions should remain good for a few days to come yet.

Again I should remind you all that we have availability for the next few weeks, so get on that phone and give us a call. D.McEvoy



Blast and Especially Cast Exceeds All Expectations

Delphi_Shoot_1240_1When I wrote my last blog and was waxing lyrically about the possibility of landing a fresh fish on February 1st, it was as much in hope than anything else. There is always great expectations at the beginning of any new season but what transpired here at Delphi today was beyond mine and I think most people’s wildest dreams.

A regular and experienced group of Germans who travelled from Bavaria are to say the least living in a dream this evening as between them they landed 4 springers today. The previous record for opening day was in 2001 when 2 fish were landed, so needless to say I am a little lost for words myself at this moment in time. Our 10 year average for the month of February is actually less than 4 so this year it has been achieved on the first day. It is truly incredible to land 4 spring fish on the fly in the month of February. I may be wrong but I would imagine that these are the first fly caught fish in the country this year.

Three fish were landed by very experienced anglers. The first and second were in the Meadow pool, weighing in at 5lbs5ozs and 11lbs1oz, both taken on Willie Gunn tubes. The third was caught in the Horseshoe pool and weighed in at 7lbs12ozs and was taken on a Delphi Collie.

The fourth fish of the day was taken by Andreas Durr, who managed to land his first ever, a lovely fish of 6lbs11ozs from the Kings pool on a Willie Gunn tube. Needless to say everyone was delighted for Andreas because the first salmon remains with you forever. It was indeed very fitting as Andreas’ son, Florian, with the last shot of the 2014/15 shooting season shot his first ever woodcock. It is a truly memorable occasion and one which they will both remember and cherish for many years to come.

As my heading suggests the “Blast” was also good, with plenty of woodcock flushed. I was even surprised myself as the previous few weeks the birds seemed to have scattered quite a bit, to where I don’t know. But for those of us who cherish this elusive and majestic bird, we all know that woodcock are impossible to figure out and that’s the beauty of them and hopefully they will never change in this regard.

I did say we saw plenty, great sport was had, plenty of shots were fired and we bagged a few as well, but on balance I think you could say that the woodcock won this one.

Even though the “Blast” was good as I have said earlier it was the “Cast” that exceeded all expectations. At this juncture it’s probably worth noting that we have plenty of availability for February, so if I were you I’d get on that phone pretty quick as days like these don’t happen too often!! D.McEvoy


















Blast and Cast

Well we’re nearing that time of the year again when those of us who have a passion for both shooting and fishing are coming to the end of our shooting season and getting ready to activate those casting muscles which for most of us have now been redundant for a couple of months. Saturday will see the end of the shooting season and Sunday will herald the start of the 2015 salmon fishing season.

As my heading suggests we have an enthusiastic group of Bavarians who are going to finish off the shooting season here and try their luck on the 1st for a fresh Springer. Hopefully they may be lucky on the fishing front as it would be fantastic to open the season with a fresh fish.

February is not for the faint hearted but personally I love it as there is something special about getting on the water again, always anticipating and hoping for that long slow draw on the line that one would normally associate with a springer as opposed to the aggressive take of a kelt and then it normally comes to the surface and you know it’s not the real thing. For me early spring fishing is about peace and tranquillity and feeling good to be alive and out on the water again. Having said that I’m sure that many people must think that salmon fishermen are off their heads to be fishing in what sometimes can only be described as vile weather conditions.

We have a good amount of availability in February for those of you who need to get their fix of getting out on the water again, so please feel free to contact us and we’ll keep you updated on our progress.

For ourselves here January is a very busy time as quite a lot of things come together. Shooting has been busy, but most time is taken up in the hatchery, tagging and fin clipping our smolts and then eggs start to eye up and reach the stage where they must be shocked and counted. It can be a slow, cold and painstaking job but one that has to be done!

Well I better get back to my eggs and hopefully see or hear from you all shortly! D.McEvoy


Delphi Annual Fishery Newsletter 2014

We are pleased to announce to publication of our annual fishery newsletter for 2014 which we hope you will enjoy. We are now looking forward to the 2015 fishing season and with this in mind, we now welcome enquiries for the 2015 fishing season.

The 2015 rates for fishing packages are as follows:
7 night’s (full board) & 6 days fishing €2,295 to €2,610
4 night’s (full board) & 3 days fishing €1,245 to €1,465
3 nights (full board) & 2 days fishing €895 to €1,030
Extra Fishing per day €135
Guides (normally shared between 2 anglers) €100

*Includes 7 night’s accommodation (Sat. to Sat.), all meals, and 6 days fishing (Sun. to Fri. inc.). The only extras are wine, drinks from the honesty bar & state salmon licence, if required.

You may ‘lock in’ fishing bookings now with a 10% deposit, followed by a further 40% at the end of January 2015. Demand is already high, particularly for the Spring, therefore please do let us have your preferred dates as soon as possible, and we will do our very best to find you a suitable slot. Reservations can be made using our on-line reservation form:  www.delphilodge.ie/fishery/reservations/reservations

We look forward to hopefully seeing you all next season!

Delphi Fishery Newsletter 2014

Delphi Fishery News 2014


Happy Christmas and a Peaceful New Year

SONY DSCWell we have now passed the shortest day of the year, although it certainly doesn’t seem like it around here in the mornings. This morning at 9am I had to use a torch to see the temperature gauges in the weather station, (of course it’s nothing to do with my deteriorating eyesight!!)

As usual since my last blog we have been flat out here with Winter work, predominantly netting, stripping (fish that is) and a couple of shoots thrown in for good measure. The netting was actually more successful than expected as we caught up more than 650 fish. There were some crackers but again no 20 pounders, so we’ll have to wait for another year.

Sea trout spawning was quite good but as per usual this followed the weather patterns. There was little or no spawning till the end of November as the month up until the last few days was relatively dry. There was some rain before the 15th but it’s nearly always after that that sea trout start to spawn. Once they started towards the end of November spawning activity has continued at a steady paces, with plenty of mild soft days, especially in the last two weeks. Sea trout at this stage are all but finished but the salmon who start later will continue for another week or two. Some years they will go well into January especially in the tributaries such as the Glenummera which is rather water dependent.

Our shoots were also successful with the guests thoroughly enjoying the opportunity to see the elusive woodcock and getting a chance to bag one or two, although we get more mileage out of it when they miss! The two shoots ran back to back, so we had six days straight after which both men and dogs were rather like a spawning fish i.e. spent and drained of all energy. It gave me a great satisfaction when one of our beaters who has done the Tour of Ireland cycle race a couple of times even admitted to being tired.

I’m sure now it won’t be long before a few fresh fish start to sneak into the system and in just over five weeks we’ll be trying our luck for one of those elusive fresh one’s again. You’ll all have to start thinking about flies and tactics again shortly, even though I’m sure some of you already have.

At this stage I would like to thank you all for your support during 2014 and wish you all a Happy Christmas and a Peaceful New Year from all at Delphi Estate and Fishery. Here’s looking forward to 2015!