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Delphi Events Calendar April 2015

Room10_2368April has arrived here in Connemara and with the Westport Easter Walking Festival and Galway Food Festival to name just two of the various festivals taking place there’s plenty to cater for all tastes and interests. To take a look at the “goings-on” in April look at our events calendar here.

Follow this link to take a look at our new Events Calendar April 2015.

Bookings can be made through our website or by telephoning the office on +353 (0) 954-2222.



Delphi Events Calendar March 2015

Connemara lambs “a leaping” in the fields – a sure sign that Spring is here and last Friday saw the start of our main B&B Season with a lovely mix of regular Delphi Guests and First-timers sitting down together for a feast of Duck Rillettes, Seared King Scallops and Tart Tatin. With St. Patrick’s Day, a Walking Festival at Croagh Patrick, Regattas, Runs, Film Festivals and more this month, it’s fair to say there’s a lot to keep you entertained. And of course, there’s always that warm Delphi Welcome awaiting you. For more details of festivals and events in the area take a look at this month’s Event Calendar.

Here’s what’s going on in the region in the coming month.
Follow this link to take a look at our new Events Calendar March 2015.

Bookings can be made through our website or by telephoning the office on +353 (0) 954-2222.


Valentines’ Day’ Fish

The first signs of Spring are everywhere here at Delphi today and no better way to celebrate this than by landing a beautiful fish from the Bundorragha River.

Michael Wade did just that at 13:45pm today. Caught on a Delphi Collie from the Whin Pool and weighing in at 10lb14oz. A great fish on a wonderful Spring day!















Blast and Especially Cast Exceeds All Expectations

Delphi_Shoot_1240_1When I wrote my last blog and was waxing lyrically about the possibility of landing a fresh fish on February 1st, it was as much in hope than anything else. There is always great expectations at the beginning of any new season but what transpired here at Delphi today was beyond mine and I think most people’s wildest dreams.

A regular and experienced group of Germans who travelled from Bavaria are to say the least living in a dream this evening as between them they landed 4 springers today. The previous record for opening day was in 2001 when 2 fish were landed, so needless to say I am a little lost for words myself at this moment in time. Our 10 year average for the month of February is actually less than 4 so this year it has been achieved on the first day. It is truly incredible to land 4 spring fish on the fly in the month of February. I may be wrong but I would imagine that these are the first fly caught fish in the country this year.

Three fish were landed by very experienced anglers. The first and second were in the Meadow pool, weighing in at 5lbs5ozs and 11lbs1oz, both taken on Willie Gunn tubes. The third was caught in the Horseshoe pool and weighed in at 7lbs12ozs and was taken on a Delphi Collie.

The fourth fish of the day was taken by Andreas Durr, who managed to land his first ever, a lovely fish of 6lbs11ozs from the Kings pool on a Willie Gunn tube. Needless to say everyone was delighted for Andreas because the first salmon remains with you forever. It was indeed very fitting as Andreas’ son, Florian, with the last shot of the 2014/15 shooting season shot his first ever woodcock. It is a truly memorable occasion and one which they will both remember and cherish for many years to come.

As my heading suggests the “Blast” was also good, with plenty of woodcock flushed. I was even surprised myself as the previous few weeks the birds seemed to have scattered quite a bit, to where I don’t know. But for those of us who cherish this elusive and majestic bird, we all know that woodcock are impossible to figure out and that’s the beauty of them and hopefully they will never change in this regard.

I did say we saw plenty, great sport was had, plenty of shots were fired and we bagged a few as well, but on balance I think you could say that the woodcock won this one.

Even though the “Blast” was good as I have said earlier it was the “Cast” that exceeded all expectations. At this juncture it’s probably worth noting that we have plenty of availability for February, so if I were you I’d get on that phone pretty quick as days like these don’t happen too often!! D.McEvoy


















Delphi Events Calendar Feb 2015

Spring is on it’s way and what better way to get ready than to pay a visit to the wonderful Connemara region. We’re coming back to life in Galway, Westport and Southwest Mayo and if it’s the Arts, Art & Crafts or the mayhem and madness of Tedfest that inspires you, you’ll find something to suit our February Events Calendar.

Here’s what’s going on in the region in the coming month.
Follow this link to take a look at our new Events Calendar February 2015.

Bookings can be made through our website or by telephoning the office on +353 (0) 954-2222.


Delphi Annual Fishery Newsletter 2014

We are pleased to announce to publication of our annual fishery newsletter for 2014 which we hope you will enjoy. We are now looking forward to the 2015 fishing season and with this in mind, we now welcome enquiries for the 2015 fishing season.

The 2015 rates for fishing packages are as follows:
7 night’s (full board) & 6 days fishing €2,295 to €2,610
4 night’s (full board) & 3 days fishing €1,245 to €1,465
3 nights (full board) & 2 days fishing €895 to €1,030
Extra Fishing per day €135
Guides (normally shared between 2 anglers) €100

*Includes 7 night’s accommodation (Sat. to Sat.), all meals, and 6 days fishing (Sun. to Fri. inc.). The only extras are wine, drinks from the honesty bar & state salmon licence, if required.

You may ‘lock in’ fishing bookings now with a 10% deposit, followed by a further 40% at the end of January 2015. Demand is already high, particularly for the Spring, therefore please do let us have your preferred dates as soon as possible, and we will do our very best to find you a suitable slot. Reservations can be made using our on-line reservation form:  www.delphilodge.ie/fishery/reservations/reservations

We look forward to hopefully seeing you all next season!

Delphi Fishery Newsletter 2014

Delphi Fishery News 2014


Delphi Events Calendar Dec 2014

Are those sleigh bells in the air? No avoiding it now, with the Christmas Market already in full swing in Galway, and Fairs to follow in Westport and Louisburgh, we’re swathed in festive cheer here at Delphi Lodge. If you’re planning on spending some of this wonderful coming month in the area here’s what else is going in Galway, Westport and Southwest Mayo.
Here’s wishing you and your loved ones a very special Christmas and much happiness in 2015 from all here at Delphi Lodge. Nollag shona daoibh go léir!

Here’s what’s going on in the region in the coming month.
Follow this link to take a look at our new Events Calendar December 2014.

Bookings can be made through our website or by telephoning the office on +353 (0) 954-2222.











Delphi Events Calendar Nov 2014

November’s here and we’re asking, where has the year gone? Still plenty to do in the Galway, Westport and Southwest Mayo region though with everything from Arts and Science Festivals to adventure sports such as Turf Warrior in Leenane and Sea2Summit in and around Westport. Towards the end of the month you’ll notice things starting to get a little festive…

Here’s what’s going on in the region in the coming month.
Follow this link to take a look at our new Events Calendar November 2014.

Bookings can be made through our website or by telephoning

the office on +353 (0) 954-2222.











Delphi Events Calendar October 2014

Delphi Valley is the perfect place to witness the change in seasons and at Delphi Lodge we provide a wonderful setting in which to truly immerse yourself in nature. Our guests have been enjoying a complimentary climate upgrade which may well last through the month (give or take the odd dramatic interlude). more


Delphi Lodge Early Autumn Special

B70_1607Farm to Fork and Shore to Table, Meet our Food Suppliers

Stay and dine at Delphi Lodge on the weekend of the 17th & 18th October and enjoy a day trip along the Killary Fjord where we will meet some of our local food suppliers.

Tom Nee, a traditional hill sheep farmer, will explain all that is involved in producing Connemara hill lamb in these dramatic mountains on the edge of the Atlantic. He will demonstrate gathering sheep with his collie dogs and will also show the cutting and saving of turf on his family bog.

A short walk further along the Fjord will bring us to shellfish farmers, Simon & Kate Kennedy, of Killary Fjord Shellfish.

B70_1489Simon will explain and show all involved in producing mussels and preparing clams & oysters for market. While with the Kennedys, there will be a complimentary light lunch, comprising of fresh Oysters, Irish Cheese Board and our very best Delphi white wine.

This area is along the historic Famine Road on the south shore of the Killary Fjord and after lunch there will be the opportunity to enjoy a guided scenic walk along the route to better understand the famine history of this region.

Later on, back at Delphi Lodge, we will be joined by Alan Gilligan of Gilligan Meats. A Traditional Beef Farming Family from Roscommon who, mindful of the stress of transportation for livestock, have taken their business a step further and B70_1505now provide a complete ‘grass to table’ service. Alan now supplies many of Ireland’s premier restaurants including Delphi Lodge.

Before dinner and over a few drinks Alan will give a short presentation on how the Gilligan Farming method ensures that only premier meat products are produced.

Dinner will be hosted by our Manager Michael Wade and our Head Chef Pascal Marinot will compose the menu around the ingredients available from the suppliers you will meet. You will get to taste first-hand the freshness & quality of their produce.

B70_1521Two nights Bed & Breakfast with Dinner each evening at €295 per person sharing, including complimentary guided day out on the Saturday with seafood and cheese lunch along the fjord.