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New Renovations/Restoration

As many of our regular guests will know, Delphi Lodge has its own unique ambiance and character. Therefore we are committed to ensure that any works we undertake must be approached with the utmost sympathy and care, this said we undertook two phases of work in 2011. more


Rain, rain

When I lifted the rainfall thsi morning at 9.00 we had 106.6mm for the 24 hour period. I think this is a record, but I will check it out to make sure. I will say that I have seen higher floods at least on three occasions but luckily the water was very low before the flood.  more


500 surpassed

The big news is that we did break the 500, although it wasn’t until the 30th and as most people know any method of rod and line goes. There are some fish to report before the 30th. We actually landed 4 on Thursday. Mark Corps had two, one off the Turn Pool of 7lbs8ozs on a Prawn Fly and one off Finlough of 4lbs13ozs on a Flamethrower. Jeremy Nieboer had one off Finlough of 4lbs3.5ozs on a Collie Dog and finally Stephane Lamotte from France landed his first ever, a fish of 5lbs8ozs on a baeded nymph. more


Delphi Fishery News 2011

Click on this link to view the Delphi Fishery Newsletter for 2011 [opens a pdf document]. For your enjoyment, here is the Delphi Fishery Newsletter for 2011. During late November, early December we will be emailing out personal copies along with the usual booking form and price list for the coming 2012 season.


All Quiet

I suppose at this stage you all think we here have all put our feet up and have absolutely nothing to do. Incorrect. We are busy all the time. There is quite a bit of tidying up to be done after the season ends. The newsletter is finished and is at the printers as I write so hopefully most of you will will recieve a copy by e-mail in the next week. Final total for year was actually 531 and not 528. more


Nearly There

I don’t know whether this means we have nearly reached 500 or we have nearly reached the end of the fishing season!! It must be that time of year I’m waffling; better get down to the facts. Saturday 24th it was Doolough that produced the goods with Donal Roche hooking 4 salmon on a Claret Bumble and landing 2. They weighed in at 4lbs and 6lbs respectively. more


21 since last blog

Salmon have definately become more active in the last week with some very good catches. Last Saturday we had one fish on a Cone headed Francis. The fish was taken from Duffers Run of all places and weighed in at 4lbs. more


Salmon Fishing Picks Up

Since I last updated the blog on Monday we have had 12 fish. Sea trout were relatively quiet this week with condtions being extreme which definately did not help. Monday and Tuesday we landed no salmon, which was due in part to the extreme weather. more


September Storms

The last three days remind me more of what September’s used to be like, wet and extremely windy. We have had almost 5” of rain since my last blog and 6 salmon. more


Salmon Continue to be Difficult

Since my last update we have landed 6 salmon. As of yet they havn’t started giving themselves up despite the recent rain. more